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CEP 3000 -- Hand-Held Temperature Calibrator


Model: Handheld Temperature Calibrator and Indicator

Avaibility: AVAILABLE

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General information

The model CEP3000 hand-held temperature calibrator is an ideal instrument to handle all your temperature calibration tasks in a rugged, inexpensive package. It combines virtually all widely-used thermocouples and resistance thermometers in one instrument. You will never have to worry about there being a temperature device that you cannot calibrate. This is especially true for the calibration of smart or pulsed resist-ance thermometer transmitters, where many other calibrators fail to work or work with reduced accuracy specifications.

Extensive applications

There are a range of application possibilities for the CEP3000. It can be used for calibration in industry (laborato-ries, production, workshops), in calibration service compa-nies and in quality assurance.


The capability for temperature calibration of the model CEP3000 includes thermocouples and resistance thermom-eters. In addition, the CEP3000 also enables the calibration of resistances. In the thermocouple and resistance thermom-eter mode, the measurement and simulation of eleven differ-ent thermocouple and eleven resistance thermometer types is possible.

The CEP3000 also offers a set-value function. Up to nine set values can be set for each output function in non-volatile memory. The target values can be recalled separately. An automatic step function for some or all of the stored set values is also available.

In addition, this instrument stands out through its easy-to-read display (selectable backlighting), its durable casing and its simple and easy operation.



2-line with 8 digits and 10 mm high characters

Input and output

Number and type

four banana-plug inputs for resistance thermometers and one thermocouple plug input

Resistance thermometer (RTD)

Pt100 (385, 3926, 3916), Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni120, Cu10, Cu50, Cu100, YSI400


Types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, L, U, N, P

Voltage signal

-10 ... +75 mV


0 ... 3,200 ?

Special features

Resistance thermometer

0.01 … 3 mA

IEX range

10 ms; works with all pulsed transmitters

Resistance thermometer

frequency response

Set value input

nine for each thermocouple type and nine for each resistance thermometer type


automatic step function, setting of set values for each output function

Voltage supply

Power supply

4 x 1.5 V AA batteries

Battery life

30 hours

Battery status indication

Icon in display for low battery level

Permissible ambient conditions

Operating temperature

-10 … +50 °C

Storage temperature

-40 … +60 °C

Relative humidity

0 ... 90 % r.H. (non-condensing)



Plastic (with robust protective rubber boot)

Ingress protection

IP 52


220.9 x 106.6 x 58.4 mm


approx. 850 g


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