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Process 101A -- DC Current Data Logger


Model: Current Voltage

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The Process101A Data Logger measures and records low level DC current and is available in three different measurement ranges, 20 mA, ±160 mA and ±3 A. This device is ideal for many process driven, general purpose current recording applications including battery or photovoltaic studies.All of the ranges offer a 10 year battery life, 4 Hz reading rate, programmable or pushbutton start/stop and a 1 million reading storage capacity with optional memory wrap. These features allow for long term active logging deployment and low maintenance. As with many of MadgeTech’s 101A series of data loggers, the screw terminal block is designed to easily connect and disconnect to the logger body to simplify retrieval of the device for downloading data by keeping the wiring to the terminal block in place.Other features of the Process101A include a battery life indicator, optional password protection, programmable high-low alarms and more. Using the MadgeTech Software makes configuring the data logger and downloading data simple and user friendly. Graphical, tabular and summary data format options are provided for analysis and data can be viewed in A, mA or ?A. The data can also be exported to Excel® for further customized reporting or calculations.

Nominal Range


+ 160 mA

+ 3 A



-2 mA to

+30 mA

+ 160 mA

± 3A

Maximum Voltage Between Inputs to Ground:

0 V to 2.5 V


0.5 ?A

5 ?A

100 ?A

Calibrate Accuracy

±0.05 %FSR

±0.15 %FSR

Input Impedance:

10 ?, ±1%

1 ?, ±1%


Absolute Maximum Current

316 mA

1 A

6 A

Input Connection:

Removable screw terminal

Analog Conversion Time:

133 ms nominal

Frequency Rejection:

50-60 Hz

Temperature Coefficient:

< +/- 50ppm/ºC typical

Reading Rate:

4 Hz to 1 reading every 24 hours


1,000,000 readings; software configurable memory wrap

333,000 readings in multiple start/stop mode

Wrap Around:


Start Mode

• Immediate start

• Delay start up to 18 months

• Multiple pushbutton start/stop

Stop Modes

• Manual through software

• Timed (specific date and time)

Multiple Start/Stop Mode

Start and stop the device multiple times without having to download data or communicate with a PC

Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation

To start the device:

Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds.

The device has started logging.

To stop the device:

Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the red LED will flash for three seconds and then the green LED will flash for two seconds.

The device has stopped.

Real Time Recording

The device may be used with PC to

monitor and record data in real time**


Programmable high and low limits; alarm is activated when current reaches or exceeds set limits

LED Funcionality

Green LED blinks:

10 second rate to indicate logging

15 second rate to indicate delay start mode

Red LED blinks:

10 second rate to indicate low battery and/or full memory

Password Protection

An optional password may be programmed into the device to restrict access to configuration options. Data may be read out without the password.

Engineering Units

Native measurement units can be scaled to display measurement units of another type. This is useful when monitoring voltage outputs from different types of sensors such as temperature, CO2, flow rate and more


Digital calibration through software

Calibration Date:

Automatically recorded within device

Battery Type:

3.6V lithium battery included;

Battery Life

10 year battery life typical, at a 15 minute reading rate

Data Format

Date and time stamped current, engineering units specified through software

Time Accuracy:

±1 minute/month (stand alone data logging)

Computer Interface:

USB (interface cable required); 115,200 baud


XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Operating Environment

-40 ºC to +80 ºC (-40 ºF to +176 ºF),

0 %RH to 95 %RH non-condensing


1.4 in x 2.2 in x 0.6 in (36 mm x 56 mm x 16 mm)


0.9 oz (24 g)


ABS plastic




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