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WSP425 -- 425ºC Working Standard PRT


Model: Thermometer Standard, Thermometer Standards

Avaibility: AVAILABLE

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425ºC Working Standard PRT

The model WSP425 PRT is a good choice for lower temperature range is required. The sheath is of stainless steel construction with a strain free wire wound .3924 alpha sensing element. The WSP425 PRT can be used as a working standard in calibration baths, furnaces, fluidized baths, dry block calibrators or for any other temperature calibration work. Combine it with our model Tecal Accu-Temp RTD indicator for a system with high overall accuracy. The WSP425 PRT includes a NIST traceable ITS-90 calibration with coefficients and R vs T table.

Technical Specification

Resistance at 0° C:

100 ohms

Temperature range:

-200 to 425°C

Calibrated temperature range:

-50 to 425°C

Temperature coefficient:

0.003924 ? /? /° C minimum


Meets IEC stability specifications after 250 hours exposure

to extremes of temperature range. Typical drift is less than

0.05°C (0.02?) at 0°C.


Meets IEC requirements. Typical shift less than 0.05°C

(0.02?) at 0°C after ten cycles over range.


0.25” dia. x 12” L , custom sizes available

Tolerance at 0° C:

± 0.06%, IEC DIN class A

Lead wires:

4 wire Teflon insulated, stranded 22 AGW copper x 6” Long


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