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Global Instruments has the right calibration and measuring instruments for you !

Global Instruments is a fast growing company, we have been consistently growing our sales figures which reflects the significant growth of trust from our customers. We started our business in early 2009 with almost 20 years of previous work experience in the calibration industry. We took the next brave step to start a business that serves the calibration market to the fullest extent. Our aim is to be the market leader in this industry and to be recognized as the expert for calibration instruments and standards that are used primarily for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure applications.


Our concentration is the calibration industry with a focus on Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Mass, Process and Weather.  With the support of 9 Major Players of the instruments  industry such as DH Budenberg–Germany for Primary  Pressure Calibration, WIKA Instruments – Germany, for its Temperature calibration and Pressure  calibration equipment, Mensor Corporation – USA for Pressure Controllers, Martel Electronics – USA for Handheld Pressure and Process Calibrator, Techne Inc – UK for Temperature Calibrator Equipment, Henry Troemner LLC – USA for Precision Weight Mass set, Madgetech Inc – USA for various data logging equipment, and Davis Instruments – USA a top Leader of Weather Instruments, we are confident that we will be the major player supplying calibration and standards instruments to various markets, from the National Metrology Laboratory, Secondary Commercial Calibration Laboratory, Government Calibration Laboratory up to Industrial internal calibration facilities, including several industries such as Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Power Plant, and many more.


With the high quality demand from the customer’s buyer, we believe that that the market for such instruments will be growing rapidly along with the growth of the quality control standards. As of now, calibration procedures have become one of the important parts of ISO standards. We believe that when it comes to calibration equipment, the customer will be more than just a calibration equipment supplier, but a calibration and measuring solution provider.

We also provide and support, measuring instruments to our customers. With almost 20 years of experience it is important for us to help our customers choose the right instrument with the right specification, for the right application. This is key to us for supporting our customer.


Feel free to contact our experienced sales representative today, who will assist you for further information, application assistance, or to schedule a technical meeting or visit to your place.

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We’ll assist you for further information, application assistance, or to schedule a technical meeting.